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Mojang authentication servers back up (sort of)

vap3Riley a
vap3Riley @ thestonepubmc.com
posted Tue at 14:31
I was able to log back into the server after several attempts. The login servers are probably getting hit pretty hard but keep trying to connect! 

See you there!

Mojang's authentication servers are currently down for maintenance.

vap3Riley a
vap3Riley @ thestonepubmc.com
posted Tue at 11:48
You can check the status by using the following link, you will not be able to join the server until they bring the servers back up.

vap3Riley a
vap3Riley @ thestonepubmc.com
Yeah this is pretty ridiculous... going on 3 hours of being down now.
PureMtnWater @ thestonepubmc.com
thanks for the update, and yes we should come here everyday to find out whats going on.....

Server Migrated

vap3Riley a
vap3Riley @ thestonepubmc.com
posted Jun 26, 14
The server migration is complete. Keep in mind things may need to be optimized for performance still so consider this a beta stage.

Please make sure you are joining the server using the address thestonepubmc.com, if you are connecting using a regular IP then it will try to connect to the old server. If you are still having problems try:

1. If Windows 7: Click Start Menu and type ipconfig /flushdns, then hit enter
2. If Windows 7 or 8: Press the windows key on your keyboard and the letter R at the same time to bring up the Run prompt, then type ipconfig /flushdns, and hit enter.
3. If you are on a Mac and know how to bring up a terminal window: follow this article.
4. Finally, if all of those don't work: connect using

If you have questions or issues please reply to this post.
br0wnbr0th4 Hi, I'm new to your forums as well as your server. I'd like to try it out. I'm on the search for new servers to play on ...

Server Migration Time

vap3Riley a
vap3Riley @ thestonepubmc.com
posted Jun 26, 14
Server Migration is happening 6/26 @ some time between 8am-10am central standard time.

Please make sure you are joining using thestonepubmc.com as the address. The server will be down estimated 30-90 minutes during that time.
PureMtnWater @ thestonepubmc.com
oh and Lara an I were discussing the option of enchantments, we agree its more fun to do it the old fashoned way!!! so w ...
PureMtnWater @ thestonepubmc.com
thanks for the updates, we really appreciate all your hard work and expense.. you make this server worth playing on!!

New Permissions / Server Migration Update

vap3Riley a
vap3Riley @ thestonepubmc.com
posted Jun 24, 14
In order to comply with Mojang's EULA changes the permissions on The Stone Pub server have been changed drastically. 

I apologize to all that have donated but there are no longer any paid ranks such as VIP, Super, and Epic. You can thank Mojang for that. I appreciate the donations you have made and it has helped tremendously to pay for the server rental fees. To make it clear to some individuals; I am not offering refunds, the money was a donation and it has already been spent towards the server. If you threaten me or the server I will likely be banning you.

The good news is that there are now purchasable (with in-game money) commands on the server where anyone can rent or buy commands to give themselves more abilities. This is a positive perk for the people that did not donate, but may be disappointing for those who have donated for rank. I plan on having more and more commands available to rent/buy as we go, it should make things more interesting and make the in-game economy better. In the future there may be a ranking system where you earn a rank as you go and earn money and experience for each rank up.

You can purchase commands in-game by typing /skill list.

I have received everything but the chassis/case for the new server box for the migration. I will have everything on Wednesday 6/25 and start building and configuring everything. I hope to have everything up and running and migrated before the weekend.

For those interested in the specs of the new server:
CPU: AMD FX-4300 4-Core 3.8Ghz 8mb Cache 95w
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB PC3-12800 (2x8gb, may upgrade later to 32gb) (8-10gb dedicated to Minecraft server most likely)
Storage: 2x 120GB PNY SATAIII SSD's (one for OS, one for Minecraft server) (If not fast enough, will create RAMDisk and upgrade to 32gb ram)
Motherboard: MSI (A cheaper micro-ATX model)
PSU: 450w Power Supply (with around 300w used)
Cooling: 4x 120mm high airflow case fans, Cooler Master Nepton 140XL water cooling closed loop for CPU
Generic Ultra case, no optical drive, no monitor/mouse/keyboard

Old server:
CPU: Intel Xeon W3530 2.8Ghz Quad w/ HT
RAM: 48GB (24gb dedicated to Minecraft server, 16gb dedicated to RAMDisk for world files)
Storage: 2x1tb 7200rpm RAID

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vap3Riley   published Mojang authentication servers back up (sort of) on News
vap3Riley   published Mojang's authentication servers are currently down for maintenance. on News
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