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Server IP changed!

vap3Riley a posted Aug 17, 14
Everyone, please use play.thestonepubmc.com to connect to the Minecraft server now!

We are a public survival server brought together by a group of friends. We range in age but like to have fun while building together. We prefer more mature individuals, if you come here to troll or cheat you will be banned. We provide the necessary tools to claim and protect your land against these kind of people.

We are seeking regulars ready to call this place home. The server has been going for 9 months and counting, and there are no intentions on shutting it down.

More Features:
  • Access to Nether/The End
  • Creation of Portals
  • Claim Land
  • Claim Horses
  • Economy
  • Stores
  • Assigned PVP Areas
  • No Rain
  • McMMO
  • Purchasable commands (with in-game money)

We hope to see you soon! 

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